Government Agencies

Directory publishers print over 1300 phonebooks distributed to over 130 million households each year. 

Is your agency in there?

Is your listing current?

How can you be sure?

We can help. 

Known Processes - Our business model leverages a workflow that is already understood by the agency coordinators. This results in a minimal ramp-up time and no missed deadlines.

Tailored Scope - We realize that not all markets are the same. Your agency can submit as many or as few lines as needed. 

Simplified Billing - At the end of each month, we will provide an invoice only for the number of lines submitted. 

Superior Value - As a small business, we don’t have the added cost of stockholders, overhead, and multiple layers of upper management associated with large corporations. 

Dedication - Our staff is educated, well-trained, and extremely attentive to our customers’ needs.  We’re here to help.

StraightLine Publishing can provide your agency the same high-quality product and customer service that it enjoyed through a previous contract, at significant savings.

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